Imaging Problem? A Band Pass filter might be your answer.

MidOpt_Choosing_a_Filter-Imaging Problem? A Band Pass filter might be your answer. To find the right filter for the job, a broad spectrum white light and a bandpass filter kit will help you highlight various wavelengths. During testing each bandpass filter will achieve similar results as the matching LED wavelength. This process will help you to determine the appropriate LED wavelength necessary for your vision application. By viewing each resulting image each banpass provides, you can determine the best color for maximizing contrast and reduce interfering light. Your vision system may also benefit from other filters to help reduce glare, remove saturation or balance color.

For more in depth information on filter use for your vision system, visit this article link from Mid West Optical, More Info

If you need additional assistance or you need to add a filter swatch kit or specific filters to your image lab please reach out to us at Contact Us

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